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Flight Activities at Blists Hill Victorian Town

Blists Hill Victorian Town

18 Feb 2017 – 26 Feb 2017

We’re going flight crazy at the Museums for February half-term!

We’re going flight crazy at the Museums for February half-term! At Blists Hill Victorian Town you can see an amazing Falconry display every day at 12.30pm and have the chance to ‘Meet the Birds’ in a fun session daily from 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm. There will be a varied selection of different birds each day such as Eagles, Hawks, Falcons & Owls.

You can also design and make your own kite in our fun drop-in workshops, every day from 11am-1pm. Then each day at 1.30pm we’re going to be flying kites on the Green.  There will also be a flight-themed trail around the Town.

Kite making workshop is £1 (plus admission) per person.

During your visit you’ll also be able to chat to the Townsfolk in their shops and cottages, find out about curious remedies in the Pharmacy, see traditional skills in action at the printers, candle makers and decorative plasterers and join in the sing-a-long in the New Inn Pub.

There are plenty of places to eat in the Town including the Fried Fish Dealers where you can buy a portion of traditionally prepared fish and chips or the Bakers where the smell of freshly baked bread is sure to tempt!

Activities vary on a daily basis and additional charges may apply.

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