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Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron is one of the ten Ironbridge Gorge Museums. Discover more about the secret that

The all-new Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron will re-open on Saturday 8 April 2017!

As part of our 50th anniversary celebrations we’ve created a brand-new Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron - it will open on Saturday 8 April 2017.

Following a massive refurbishment of all three floors the all new museum will tell the complete history of the iron industry; from explaining how the geology of the Gorge provided all of raw materials needed for iron to be made here from mediaeval times, all the way through to the modern steel industry.

Different zones will explain how the discoveries made in Coalbrookdale changed the world forever and celebrate the lives of different people, including the Darby dynasty of ironmasters and “Iron Mad” Wilkinson. Visitors will discover more about the important role played by women in the management of the Coalbrookdale Company and the hard conditions that the workers faced to help make Ironbridge one of the most important industrial locations in the world.

Wonderful examples of the varied ironware made in Coalbrookdale will be on display including a giant whaling pot, an anchor from a Napoleonic Warship as well as intricate and beautiful statues, furniture and everyday household goods such as door stops, cooking pots and flat irons, all made out of iron. Children will be able to follow their own interactive trail around the museum and work out fun puzzles.

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  • Closed for refurbishment
  • Reopens on Sat 8 April 2017