Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron

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Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron is one of the ten Ironbridge Gorge Museums. Discover more about the secret that

The Museum of Iron is closed for an exciting redevelopment project and will reopen in Spring 2017.

Redevelopment of the Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron

Located over three floors of the 1838 Grade II listed Great Warehouse of the Coalbrookdale Company, the newly developed Museum of Iron will tell the story of iron and iron making throughout history and fully explain the world-changing importance of Coalbrookdale as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. It was on this site that in 1709 Abraham Darby first began smelting iron using coke instead of charcoal, providing the world affordable, high-quality iron, an innovation that enabled the Industrial Revolution to take place changing every aspect of life around the world.

The redevelopment of the Museum of Iron will enhance the visitor experience in several ways:

  1. Modernise our exhibits and explain our collections in ways that meet the different learning needs of our visitors
  2. Reveal currently hidden architectural features of the building;
  3. Improve access for disabled visitors;
  4. Improve our alignment to the National Curriculum;
  5. Improve the environmental conditions within the museum to ensure the long term protection of our nationally Designated collections;
  6. Link the individual monuments and museums on the Coalbrookdale site through a retelling of the history of iron; and
  7. Create a new destination café for museum visitors and the wider local community.